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Karma is Indian Cuisine in the heart of Sandy, Utah just south of Salt Lake City. With an emphasis on sustainable, organic and fair trade spices, produce and fine ingredients, you can expect a delightful, conscious culinary experience like no other.

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Karma Indian Cuisine Reviewed by SLUG Magazine

Pour a glass of water before tasting the gluten free Tandoori lamb with lime and vegetables — its low-key presentation masks a spicy demeanor.

Fazel Obaid and Roma Obaid bask in the glow of Karma restaurant’s luxurious interior, which was designed by their daughters, Mehwish Obaid and Marikh Obaid. The carefully designed interior includes light fixtures that cast arboreal shadows on the walls.

The Obaid family’s first restaurant, Aroma, is just minutes away, in Draper. After nine years of restaurant experience at Aroma the Obaid family is proud to present its second restaurant, Karma. ...the restaurant is now open and serving healthy, modern Indian cuisine

City Weekly

Karma Indian Cuisine Reviewed by Salt Lake City Weekly

Karma certainly doesn't look like your standard Indian eatery, with its plush booths, vibrant color scheme and luxurious bar. In fact, the space—adorned with modern sparkling chandeliers and a bold design—looks more Vegas than Sandy. And yet, it's a place kids can love, too—and even offers them their own special menu.

A new, upscale Indian restaurant called Karma is Headed by award-winning chef/restaurateur Roma Obaid, Karma specializes in North Indian cuisine, and prides itself on the use of sustainable, organic and fair-trade spices and produce. According to Obaid, at Karma "You can expect a conscious culinary experience like no other ... in an atmosphere that feels indulgent, without any guilt.

Karma Indian Cuisine Reviewed by Style Heirs: Tasteful Karma!

There is a new Indian Cuisine that is beyond sexy and of impeccable taste that is coming to Salt Lake Valley in Sandy, UT.

The layout of the Karma space and furnishings were set up in a way that displayed a nice chic vibe. A place for reflection, I feel it’ll establish a new standard in Indian Cuisine atmosphere and elevate the way we dine in Utah culture. As you walk in you’ll notice a lovely chandelier that ushers in and sets your lovely evening out with bae. The environment was inspired by the minimalistic architecture that is a style that never follows trends and will never go out of style. The tables are spaced with enough room to move about without feeling like you’re disturbing other guests. My favourite was the detailing in the lux bar and the lights that illuminate your desire to sip wine as you catch up with friends in a nice relaxing environment."

Rose Lassi at Karma

Rose Lassi at Karma

Beef Tikka, Bombay Fries, Coconut Kurma, Chutney and Garlic Naan at Karma

Beef Tikka, Bombay Fries, Coconut Kurma, Chutney and Garlic Naan at Karma

Karma Indian Cuisine Reviewed by Munch I Munch Blog.

Karma in Sandy:

I happily dipped my Garlic Naan into each chutney to give them a try. The mint was a bit spicy (for me), the Raita was tolerably spicy (for me) and tangy, and the Tamarind, my favorite!, was sweet. I wish there were Samosas to go along with the Tamarind Chutney! The Garlic Naan itself was soft and definitely one of the best I've had in Utah.

Mango Kheer at Karma

Mango Kheer at Karma

Karma Indian Cuisine Reviewed by Amanda Eats SLC

I wasn't expecting a glamorous restaurant but that is exactly what I discovered. Beautiful chandeliers, sleek interior and mellow vibe, Karma would be ideal for a date night.

And the food! Oh my God the food! It is so good. The samosas, crisp with a flavorful potato filling, were irresistible. The Bombay Frites were spicy and perfectly fried. And my favorite vegan Indian dish, Coconut Kurma, was sweet and savory.